How to Extract CBD: CO2 Extraction vs. Ethanol Extraction

CBD is a cannabinoid, a compound commonly found in cannabis and marijuana. This chemical can be extracted in several different ways. The extraction of CBD oil using CO2 is one of the most common mechanisms. Supercritical and subcritical are the two types of CO2 extraction.

The Apeks Supercritical Fully Automated Extraction System uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as a solvent to extract oil from plant material because it produces a safer, cleaner and purer oil. As the oil passes through the plant, the CO2 removes it, leaving it intact.

Another common method of extracting CBD from hemp fiber is using ethanol extraction. The two types of ethanol processing for hemp extraction are low temperature extraction and room temperature extraction. These processes result in the distillation of CBD, which becomes a highly refined liquid form with a honey-like consistency.

The CO2 and ethanol extraction processes are similar in that they both involve feeding plant material into a machine. Both processes require testing from an independent laboratory to ensure that THC levels are in compliance with industry guidelines and regulations. It is important to note that regular maintenance of the CO2 and ethanol extraction systems is critical to ensure cleanliness of the extraction and overall preservation of the extractor.

CBD Extractor Costs
The cost of CO2 and ethanol extraction processes varies depending on the type of automation and size of operation. Each CBD extraction method requires a different amount of space to accommodate the extraction equipment. Proper disposal of byproducts is an additional cost, depending on the extraction process you choose.

Both the CO2 and ethanol extracted from cannabis will vary at different stages of temperature and pressure use. The cost of making the distillate depends on how much equipment you have and how much CBD you want to distill.

Apeks Supercritical 20Lx20LDU Duplex® CO2 System

High Efficiency Cannabis Processing Equipment
At Apeks Supercritical, we have developed The Fleet® platform to allow customers to expand as market demands dictate.The Fleet® uses an outdoor cooler to serve three systems within the facility. These systems can be Duplex's®, Force® systems, or a combination of both.

Fleet® can start with one system, but the infrastructure is ready to expand to three systems. This efficient and intelligent approach allows companies to customize their facilities in preparation for later growth. Each unit of the machine can be serviced individually, which makes replacement easier and prevents downtime.

We were the first to design a CO2 extraction system for cannabis and continue to lead the industry through cutting-edge technological advances. We offer hassle-free, fully automated, self-managing equipment that allows companies to do more.

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