Lights Up • Sound Down • Shout and Sing • Dance!

At NCG we believe every person, regardless of their abilities, should experience the magic of going to the movies. We are proud to present monthly showings of Sensory Friendly Movies for our NCG neighbors.

A Sensory Friendly Movie is a movie which is shown without previews, with the sound turned down, and the lights left on. It’s an environment that’s judgement-free, where it’s ok to talk, shout, sing and even dance!

Here is the upcoming list of Sensory Friendly movies. All showtimes at 11am.

March 25th


June 3rd

The Little Mermaid

April 22nd

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

June 24th


May 13th

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3

Times, Dates and Availability subject to change. Regular admission prices apply. Tickets will be available the Wednesday prior.