Theaters In This Phase

  • Auburn, IN
  • Kingsport, TN
  • Marietta, GA
  • Snellville, GA
  • Stone Mountain, GA
  • Peachtree Corners, GA
  • Yorkville, IL
  • Spartanburg, SC

Entering & Exiting

  • Employees will open entrance and exit doors for guests upon entering and exiting the building.
  • Employees will be scheduled specifically to wipe down all benches, door handles, booster seats, railing and other high contact touch points


Temperature Readings

  • There will be mandatory employee temperature checks when required by state or local government.
  • Periodic employee temperature checks will be maintained in all other locations on a regular basis.

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Facial coverings will be required to be worn by all employees. NCG will provide face masks for all staff members.
  • Gloves will be required to be worn by all employees. Staff must replace gloves at a minimum of every 30 minutes and after every hand wash.
  • Gloves must be replaced after handling cash, refills, or any other items touched by customers and then employees.
  • Gloves must be replaced when going from one station to another. (ex: concessions to usher post)

Verbal Symptom Disclosure

  • Asked and recorded upon entry of staff:
    "Within the past 14 days have you, or anyone you have been in close contact with, experienced any symptoms of illness such as: fever, chills, dry cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat?"
  • Employees will be signing a document daily upon entrance to the theater¬†


  • Employees will be spaced at every other point of sale terminal in order to maintain social distancing.


  • All team members have been trained in proper food-handling protocols in order to reduce person to person contact
  • All guests are encouraged to purchase their tickets through our mobile app or website in order to maintain contactless payment.
  • Safe social distancing stickers have been placed on the ground to ensure that guests are maintaining a healthy distance of at least 6-feet apart while waiting in lines.
  • Plexiglass sneeze guards will be installed at active point of sale terminals (applicable where required)
  • Condiments and butter will only be served upon request behind the counter and will not be self-served. *Applicable where required*
  • We are implementing a limited concession menu to ensure that we are able to maintain the safest possible food-handling environment. We will be offering candy, soft drinks, frozen drinks, and popcorn at this time.
  • Grab and Go items will not be available at this time in order to eliminate touch points for our customers and staff. Any items placed out will be for display purposes only.
  • Coca-Cola Freestyle and ICEE machines will be available for customers to use but will be sanitized after each use.
  • We will be offering free refills on all soft drinks, frozen drinks, and popcorn. Employees MUST change gloves after every refill. Employees MUST sanitize each machine after every use.
  • At this time, we will not be accepting holiday gift buckets.
  • All bars will be fully open.
  • For the safety of all guests and employees, we are strongly urging the use of credit cards as the preferred method of payment at this time.
  • Customers will scan their own credit cards, phones, and rewards cards.
  • Customers will obtain their own tickets from the ticket printer.


  • Unfortunately our arcade games and drinking fountains will not be in operation. We feel that it would be too difficult to try and keep those sanitized for the number of people that might touch those so for now, we are not going to have those open.
  • Closed captioning devices and hearing-impaired headsets will not be available at this time.


  • All stalls will be open for use. Sinks and urinals will be closed off so that every other one is available for use in order to maintain proper social distancing.


  • 30% occupancy.
  • Customers will show ushers their ticket to view. We will not be ripping tickets at this time in order to reduce contact points.
  • Seating arrangements will follow all social distancing protocols. Groups must be at least 6-feet apart. If you come with a family, you may sit together, but respect others and maintain a healthy social distance (2 seat spaces).
  • Seats, armrests, handrails, door handles, cupholders, and tray tables will be properly disinfected between every showing.
  • Exiting the auditorium: Customers will dismiss themselves while continuing to practice social distancing.

Group Showings / Birthday Parties

  • We will not be offering group showings and birthday parties/use of party rooms at this time in order to maintain proper distancing protocols.